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Welcome to Gas Gallery. Graphic Art Specialists in London. Welcome to Gas Gallery. To arrange a viewing at our London Studio please get in touch
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    Brand new prints and originals are now available by Anna Marrow.

    Further works will be coming to the website soon. 

    See all of Anna Marrow's work here

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    latest news

    • March 09, 2020 Kate Banazi + Jane Fredericks at Mid Century Modern

      At the last minute we have been offered a stand at the Mid Century Modern show this coming Sunday at Dulwich College, showing alongside a host of other designers, artists and dealers

      We will be showing a selection of works by Kate Banazi and Jane Fredericks. You can find us upstairs of the main hallway on the landing. 

      For further details of the show itself please visit Modern Shows here

      The show is open from 10-4 pm on Sunday 15th March 2020

      Kate Banazi at Mid Century Modern 2020


    • March 02, 2020 Marie Lenclos - new artwork coming to AAF Hampstead

      Marie Lenclos paintings

      London Artist Marie Lenclos is currently working on a new collection that will be showing at the Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead in late April/early May. Marie's urban landscapes are observational studies of light, and even with the absence of people or vehicles they retain joy within the stillness. 

      For further information on Marie's forthcoming collection of works and for free tickets to the show please get in touch.


    • February 28, 2020 New Anna Marrow prints and originals

      Anna Marrow swimming prints at Gas Gallery

      New to the gallery this February are a collection of prints and original works on paper and wood by Anna Marrow. 

      Anna has returned to two of her favourite themes : vintage swimmers and iconic buildings from both the Deco and Brutalist eras. Featuring Anna Marrow's signature use of bright colour and joyful compositions, each work is either a small limited edition or a one-off piece. 

      Available to purchase here


    • February 28, 2020 Hampstead Affordable Art Fair

      Gas Gallery showing at Hampstead AAF 2020

      We will be showing at the forthcoming Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead, showing brand new and exclusive original artworks, featuring:
      Prints and Original paintings by Anna Marrow
      Urban Landscape paintings by Marie Lenclos
      Abstract paintings on board by Jane Fredericks
      Cyanotype prints by Jo de Pear
      Original paintings on canvas and board by Michael Burles
      Abstract paintings on canvas and paper by Marleen Pennings
      For ticket information and advance notification of works available,
      please get in touch