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    Coming soon: fresh new work from new and existing artists with the theme of Hope.

    Original paintings, drawings
    + limited edition works.

    Anna Marrow exclusives

    Anna Marrow exclusives

    A brand new series of 6 limited edition screenprints by Anna Marrow are now available. Sized at 35x35cm and priced at £95 each - what better way to start your Anna Marrow collection.

    View the collection here

    latest news

    • March 08, 2021 Christine Wilkinson : BT Tower Print Release.
      Christine Wilkinson : BT Tower Print Release.

      Launching today 8 March 2021 are two new works by Christine Wilkinson from the BT Tower series. 

      As an artist that mostly works with pixels and light, these works are more figurative than usual.  The iconic BT Tower in London's Fitzrovia district is a familiar beacon to many Londoners. Christine photographed the tower from her central London home over one morning. The images have not been digitally manipulated and instead have been arranged to tell a story of a moment in time, witnessed from a fixed viewpoint unique to the Artist. 

      Each work is a limited edition of only 12.
      Paper size 65 x 65 cm 
      Signed and numbered on the reverse. 


    • March 05, 2021 Spring Show opens 19 March 2021
      Spring Show at Gas Gallery. Prints and Originals.

      We are pleased to announce a new show of limited editions and original artworks in our forthcoming Spring Show. Featuring a brand new collection of screenprints, original drawings and paintings, the foundation of the show is the theme of Hope. 
      As we move in to the season of lighter days, this curated collection of works will be uplifting and inspiring. 
      You can follow updates via our instagram page here 
    • December 10, 2020 Jane Fredericks Limited Edition Prints
      Jane Fredericks Limited Edition Prints

      Very sadly Jane Fredericks died on 30 November 2020. In the last few weeks of her life, Jane decided she wanted to leave 4 limited edition prints that would help provide some income for her 16 year old daughter and serve as a parting gift to those who may not have been able to afford her original one-off paintings.  

      Her husband Volker and I helped facilitate that wish and the prints are available to buy on the website.  The prints are authenticated by a signed certificate of authenticity. These are beautiful, high quality reproductions of original works that have not been sold and that remain with her family.

      The prints are currently available to view at the studio - please do get in touch if you would like to view them. 



    • November 18, 2020 New Jo de Pear Collectors' Print Sets
      New Jo de Pear Collectors' Print Sets

      Launching on 19 November are 4 new exclusive collectors print sets of Jo de Pear's popular 'Decanters' series.

      British Printmaker Jo de Pear has for many years worked with an archive of family heirlooms with her work – previous collections have centred on her predecessors’ silver cutlery and antique lace. Over the past few years Jo has been working with the cyanotype process in the sunshine of Antigua, making striking graphic prints from the island’s rich flora and fauna.

       Jo de Pear Print sets at Gas Gallery

      As a consummate printmaker it was a natural progression to use the cyanotype process to experiment with the antique cut glass decanters and other glassware – taken to Antigua from London piece by piece. The results of these experiments have revealed a beautiful contrast of shadow and light and their beauty is the resulting clarity of line and tone. The ghost like shadows provide strong graphic images as well as capturing a bygone era with a strong contemporary twist.

      Jo de Pear Decanter prints

      The initial experiments and resulting prints have been successful and have now mostly sold. Due to the travel restrictions due to Covid this year and Jo unable to travel to Antigua, this led her to go back in to the print room in London and experiment with photopolymer plates

      in order to reproduce the very strongest original cyanotypes in a different print process.

       This has enabled her to produce this exclusive limited edition of prints using both cyanotype process blue and then pushing the boundaries further and experimenting with a new colour ochre.

      Over the past few weeks Jo has worked hard in the print room as each print is individually hand inked, wiped, polished with tissue paper to enhance the whites and taken through an etching press by hand. These are then dried for weeks under boards to keep the paper flat. The results are these fantastic collectors sets of prints, each unique in the sense that they are all hand printed but available at a really accessible price.

       You can view all of Jo de Pear's new works and earlier works here: