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Ptolemy Mann - Thresholds (violet centre) 51 x 76cm 2021

Gas Gallery

Ptolemy Mann - Thresholds (violet centre) 51 x 76cm 2021


Ptolemy Mann's recent works on paper are the results of recent explorations of accidental colour and unconscious colour. 

It transpires that these two ideas; when filtered through the act of painting, reveal a surprising vivacity and capture a dynamic colourful moment.

Ptolemy says 'Over the last three years I have been generating these new works whenever (and wherever) I can, using the act of painting as a personal meditative process. These paintings are about how I feel within a certain place at a specific moment. In complete contrast to the exquisite slowness of the woven artworks these paintings are punches of spontaneous, emotional colour.'


Medium: Liquid watercolour pigment, radiant watercolour, acrylic gouache and acrylic.

Painted on black Stonehenge Watercolour paper

Size:  51 x 76cm 

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