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Mark Dyball - Margate after Koning #18

Gas Gallery

Mark Dyball - Margate after Koning #18


Medium: Acrylic on Wood Panel 

Unique piece

Size: 43 x 43 cm 

Mark Dyball's original paintings on wood are an exploration of a project he started in 2014 from observational photographs taken at teh Krijn de Konings sculptures at the Turner Gallery, Margate. 

They depict a number of entrances, choices, views and scenes - a number of different realities which we can choose to be the ideal for us here and now. With life throwing so much at us all the time, this series of paintings stand as an antidote to the frantic pace of life and offer a time of reflection, solitude, contemplation, stillness and meditation. 

Viewing each painting offers us the opportunity to contemplate the importance of choice and to find ourselves. Perhaps we can understand just where that door there, or that window over there will take us...

Mark says 'Life is littered with choices. Some believe that there are multi- alternative universes which exist where the choices we make are played out with the alternative decision we didn't make'  

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