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Marie Lenclos - Lines #8 - 2020
Marie Lenclos - Lines #8 - 2020
Marie Lenclos - Lines #8 - 2020
Marie Lenclos - Lines #8 - 2020

Gas Gallery

Marie Lenclos - Lines #8 - 2020


An original oil painting on linen by London based artist Marie Lenclos

Year: 2020

A new original oil on linen painting by Marie Lenclos continuing her exploration of colour and abstraction. 

Marie says of her work :  "I use photographs as a starting point for my painting process. The photos capture a 'moment of seeing', when the painting idea comes into being. A moment when lines, light, colours and shapes all fall into a particular order that suddenly makes sense to me. 

The painting itself develops during the drawing stage, when I make marks on the canvas with a biro. Reality is simplified, in a way, and perspectives become my own. I then spend a lot of time on the colour, the gradients and the light – working and reworking areas and shapes in relation to each other."

Marie's urban works are largely an observation of light and study of colour, sometimes almost verging on abstract. :

Medium: Oil on linen

Size : 24 x 18 cm   
Framed and ready to hang

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