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Jo de Pear - Ferns

Gas Gallery

Jo de Pear - Ferns


A unique Cyanotype by Jo De Pear 

Cyanotype printing : this simple process gives a continuous-tone image of Prussian Blue using a sensitising solution of Ammonium Ferric Citrate and Potassium Ferricyanide. These iron salts, when exposed to natural or artificial ultraviolet light, are reduced to their ferrous state, producing a high contrast blue image when oxidised. Oxidation is hastened by immersion in running water, which also washes away the unused iron salts.

* Each print is unique - see full collection of Jo de Pear's work here

Created in Antigua using local Flora and Fauna in natural sunlight. 

Size:  37 x 57 cm

Signed by the Artist

Printed on Somerset Velvet White 300gsm with torn edges 

Please note that these works are photographed and colours may not be exact : please contact us for further information and to arrange a viewing. Call Gina Cross : +44 7950 415422