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Delphine Lebourgeois original drawing - Bang Pop Boom


Delphine Lebourgeois Original Drawing: BANG! POP! BOOM!


Hand drawn using archival pen and watercolour inks, this piece sees Delphine Lebourgeois' female characters killing superheroes, perhaps meaning the killing of performance and speed in order to revert to a childlike state where nothing is hurried and we are free to be ourselves. 

Delphine Lebourgeois always describes her own work as being very instinctive with many of the narratives she explores as being open to the viewer's interpretation. 

This is a beautiful piece and deserves to be seen in person

To arrange a viewing please contact Gina Cross : +44 (0) 7950 415422 

This is an original drawing - one of a kind piece

Pen, Watercolour pencils and ink on paper. 

Dimensions 70 x 100 cm 

* Price includes frame with UV protective glass.