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Delphine Lebourgeois 'Arche', 2017

Delphine Lebourgeois Limited edition prints

Delphine Lebourgeois 'Arche', 2017


Arche / 2017

Delphine Lebourgeois' continued exploration of the power of groups and protection is a follow up to the now sold out Inner Child print. Each woman is wearing an elaborate headdress and brandishing a gun at unseen opponents, with their goal of protecting the child. As always, Delphine's work is open to interpretation, but the underlying theme is protection of our internal world, our 'inner child' - the Artist herself sees this space as room to breathe, to create, to be fearless and free from the constraints of worry about the outside world. Surrounded by this army of women, who are both protective and gentle at the same time - there is no room for negative forces to permeate the Artists's freedom to play. As can be seen here with the child oblivious and able to gentle touch the bird, both free from worry or danger. 

Archival print on Hahnemuhle photorag paper

Limited edition of 25

Signed and editioned by the Artist

Size: 101x70cm / 40 x 30 inches