Sarah Duncan

Joining Gas Gallery is Artist and Printmaker Sarah Duncan. 

Sarah has created an extraordinary body of limited edition prints following a stay at the Kitt Peak observatory in the USA. Kitt Peak is home to the largest collection of telescopes in the world. Located 7000 ft elevation above Arizona’s Sonoran Desert in the Tohono O’Odham reserve, Kitt Peak houses 25 optical and 2 radio telescopes. It is a working observatory where astronomers sleep during the day and work at night.

For the past 2 years Sarah has been experimenting with different print techniques to develop her extensive visual research which has resulted in a wonderful collection of limited edition prints. 

All of Sarah's prints are hand printed using traditional printing methods including etching, lithography and screeprinting and are available in small editions. To view work, please contact us

‘’I spent the nights photographing and drawing the stars, galaxies, nebulas and planets. I find the process of drawing and painting the stars is mesmerizing and meditative. The images expand and stars are born – much like in the universe. My series of prints have been inspired by my time spent at Kitt Peak and hope to explore the delicate equilibrium that we live in.’