Oh de Collage - Nicola Kloosterman

Oh de Collage is the moniker for Dutch Artist Nicola Kloosterman who creates collages using scraps of collected paper and fragments of images that speak to her. 

Nicola's collages are extremely popular with collectors worldwide and she has exhibited in Europe and the UK.  

Each collage begins with a single image or piece of paper. Nicola states ' I slice, combine, reduce and compose until a new visual narrative emerges on my paper reflecting the incomprehensible, the invisible, the immeasurable and the infinite'

Nicola also says of her work 'I am especially interested in shape and colour, the female body, hands, botanicals, and vintage printed material. I like to use a lot of negative space and my images are always quite airy and light. I like to think of myself as an explorer and a wanderer. The process of finding images in the torrent of our daily visual communications, carefully excavating them and them recycling them into a new context and narrative is always exciting as I never know where I may end up.'  

We are pleased to present a series of original collage artworks and coming later in 2018 will be a series of exclusive limited edition prints.