Natalie Ryde

Artist Natalie Ryde is an East London based visual artist specialising in drawing, screen printing and participatory projects in museums and galleries. Since graduating from Edinburgh College of art in 2005 Natalie has undertaken residencies and commission work notably as Artist in Residence at Kensington Palace in 2011 and The Temple of the Imagination project at Kew Gardens in 2012. 

Natalie Ryde's extraordinary detailed drawings she describes as being 'a physical manifestation of feelings, ideas, urges which appear as undulating forms, vortices and amorphous swellings on the surface of the paper.  I often use broken patterns as the root framework of my drawings which on one level reference disrupted craft lineage in my family but equally allow for open interpretations.  People find their own way into the drawings from their personal reference points' 

Note: These drawings are best seen in person - to arrange a viewing please contact Gina Cross +44 (0) 7950 415422