Martin Grover

Martin Grover’s paintings and prints have been gaining great popularity in recent years, particularly in South London where his work is often based on.

A former student of the Royal Academy, Martin has consistently produced intriguing and beguiling work. A playful narrative thread runs through his work, at one moment a little dark and woebegone and the next humorous and whimsical but always alluring.

Working from life, sketches, memory and photographs Martin reconstructs ephemeral scenes from the passing world. Childhood recollections, minor street incidents, slightly surreal radio traffic bulletins, brief news items, poems, short stories, Brockwell Park landscapes, the enigmatic allure of sheds and shelters are all recalled and captured with clarity and wit. At other times in a more trompe l’oeil (trick of the eye) style he produces very flat still lives of old records in their tattered sleeves and un-coordinated second hand shirt and tie sets.

 A recent and continuing series of paintings has used many local South London views: parks, road junctions and railway viaducts, in which he incorporates loose portraits of some of his favourite singers. Rance Allen, Barry White, Hank Williams, O V Wright, Tyrone Davis, Irma Thomas, Billy Stewart, The Carter Family and Geater Davis roam these melancholic urban landscapes singing their songs of determination, despair and lost love.

Martin’s screenprints offer little paeans to iconic traffic signs, bus stops, buses, and to destinations or states of mind reached and those elusive ones so often glimpsed or imagined but always tantilisingly just out of reach.