Mark Dyball

Mark paints layers of graphic architectural detail on hardboard to create 'muted urbanscapes' which reference a mixture of photography, memory and imagination

Mark Dyball is a British Artist who has explored a range of processes since graduating from Goldsmithís in 1991. Initially trained in fine art textiles,

Mark has worked within the Art & Design field as a graphic designer, furniture designer, and now as a fine art painter.

Mark's personal artwork explores the use of photography and painting. Some of Mark's paintings start with photographs, sometimes of random shapes and textures in architectural ruins that are translated to canvas or wood as 2D images.

Working from his South London studio, his limited pallette landscape paintings of recent years have proved popular, with clients commissioning his work for specific places and sell out shows.

During 2017 Mark has been enjoying working in a more abstract representative way, creating intriguing spaces on canvas and wood panel which reveal themselves to be three dimensional in their perspective.