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Brand new Freya Cummings Balloon screenprints

Freya Cummings has gathered quite a following in the past few years with her Hot Air Balloon screenprints and we have just received a new consignment of prints that are now available to buy.

Freya's prints really are a labour of love - with most of her prints containing an average of 10 colours per print, Freya hand prints each colour individually, meaning that the colours are layered up. This is a very time consuming process, but her skill as a screenprinter means that the results of these limited edition prints look effortless. Most of Freya Cummings' screenprints are finished in Silver and Gold leaf, giving them an extra texture and dimension, and they are mostly of editions of under 30.


Due to the hand made nature of Freya's work we have to photograph the prints which is never an exact replication of the work. We are available for viewings if you would like to see the work in person. Contact us to arrange a viewing

We are delighted to also have an exclusive edition printed by Freya entitled 'Prism'.


See all of Freya Cummings' screenprints here

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Discount on Lisa James' prints

Spring has finally arrived and we have a new collection of Lisa James' prints available. Since showing these at the Affordable Art Fair in March we discovered that these lovely Abstract Art Prints were selling in pairs.


Each print is drawn digitally by Lisa, using her years of experience as a Textile Designer to translate her wonderful balance of colour, line and form using Adobe Illustrator. This allows for each print to be increased in size without any loss of quality, so we offer these prints at two different sizes and prices. The prints are high quality, museum quality prints using archival inks. This means that the colours will not fade and are guaranteed to last up to 150 years when framed and stored correctly. Each of the prints in this collection are limited editions of 50.

For a limited period we are offering a discount on Lisa's prints when buying 2 at a time. With the smaller image size of 35 x 45 cm priced at £120 individually, you can now get two for £200. The same for the larger 47 x 76 cm image size priced at £165 are now £300 for 2.

Shop Lisa James' prints here

Bespoke sizes and editions are also available for interiors projects so please do contact us with any enquiries. 

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Trigger series by Lisa James

We recently showed Lisa James' 'Trigger' series at the Affordable Art Fair, Battersea and promptly sold the framed copies by the end of the weekend!

These lovely series of limited edition (of 30) prints come in 3 sizes - the smallest size is 20 x 20 cm going up to 100 x 100 cm (1 metre square)  for a larger area to create a statement piece. 


We are offering a special 20% discount on the Trigger series until 25 April when buying 2 or more from the series. Enter discount code TRIGGER at checkout to receive your 20% discount.


Shop Lisa James' Trigger series here

Each print in the series is a limited edition of only 30, printed on beautiful watercolour paper with 4 torn edges

These look fantastic in a well made box frame - either in a dark charcoal or in a lime wash white frame. Contact us to discuss framing options.


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A Little bit of Art is changing.....

Hi, I'm Gina Cross, and I have been running A Little bit of Art since 2007, when it started as a small side project in between working as an Art buyer and commissioner at the Guardian Newspaper. It has evolved from something I did in my lunch hour and holidays/weekends into a full time, and very time consuming, business. After leaving the Guardian, I have done what a lot of entrepreneurs do, and that is to start up other avenues at the same time. I have developed another Gallery / Agency business, and I also visit Art colleges as a lecturer in professional practice on lllustration degree courses.

So now I find myself with several plates spinning at the same time......

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