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Secondary Market Opportunity - Deesse V by Delphine Lebourgeois

The image combines partially visible caressing bodies, women in flowing dresses with hair entangled around their lovers, fingertips gently touching and lips parted, they are lost in their individual moments, as limbs create a delicate graphic ‘lace’ of colour and outlines'  Continue reading

New Paul Farrell screenprints!

Were back after a great weekend at the Lambeth Country Show.

New to the GAS studio are a wonderful pair or floral, limited edition screenprints by Artist Paul Farrell.

'Poppy' and 'Flower' will brighten up any living or work space with their bright, bold colours and graphic shapes. Each print comes in a square format and is signed, dated and titled by the Artist. 


To see more prints by Paul Farrell click here

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What is Screenprinting?

We get asked this question a lot and for quite a long time I just assumed everyone knew what it is! So I've created a very short explanation of the process which hopefully will be useful so please read on:

Many of our Artists create their limited edition artwork in this way including Anna Marrow and Freya Cummings whose work can take up to 12 screens to create.


The Screen:

This is a fine mesh or screen that is tightly stretched around a rigid frame which vary in sizes. 

The Process

The process of printing to create Art Prints is done by transferring the image on to the surface of the silk screen. This is done by coating the screen in a light sensitive emulsion that is left to dry. The artwork - either hand drawn or digitally produced and on transparent film or paper - is then exposed to the screen using an Ultra Violet lightbox for a short amount of time which bakes the image on to the screen. Once it has been left for some time, the screens are washed off and the exposed artwork is now ready to use.  The areas that are not going to be printed are blocked out on the screen. To create the print, the framed screen is positioned over the paper, and the ink is then placed at the bottom of the frame and pulled across using a squeegee to press the ink through the screen.

Anna Marrow printing at Spike Island

Anna Marrow printing at Spike Island in Bristol

Limited editions and Originals

The beauty of screenprinting is that it allows Artists to make multiples of their work. Most of our Artists create editions under 50 but with the occasional larger edition which sell at much lower prices. There are different schools of thought about editioning - some prefer a more freestyle approach - like Anna Marrow - whose printing style is very loose and free and so each print differs from the other - in that sense you get an original print as no one is the same. Others are more uniform in their approach, very neat and orderly and each print is identical.

Multiple Colours & Elements

As in the case of Freya Cummings' beautiful screenprints of balloons - some of these have up to 12 colours on them. Each colour will be printed, hung up to dry and then brought down again to print the next colour. This is a labour intensive process as each balloon on the screen will need to be covered up so that only the colours she wants to print will come through. It is possible to expose more than 1 screen to speed up the process and often is the case that multiple screens are used.

As you can see below from Anna Marrow's 'Snowblind' print, she lays down the first colour as a background and the ski lifts have been masked out. Her next colour is black and she lays down the details for the cable cars and the budgie and car (which she later removed from the final edition)  She then continues to lay over the remaining elements and colours to complete the final print.



The above shows the stages of printing Snowblind by Anna Marrow - each colour and element is printed individually to create the final image


Hand finishing

Anna Marrow hand finished many of her prints by hand colouring and painting, and others including Julia McKenzie and Paul Farrell are using foil blocking as a technique to create beautiful shining prints. The blocking process is where the whole image, or elements of the image have an application of pigment and then a heated die is stamped on to it  making it stick to the surface leaving the design of the die on the paper.  Julia McKenzie's 'Bronze Odanata' is done in this way and Paul Farrell's recent Butterfly prints also.




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New Anna Marrow Prints!

Were getting ready for Open Studios this weekend in Iliffe Yard and have just had an arrival of brand new Anna Marrow prints ready for the event.



We've got two delightful square animal prints, 'Top Cat' and 'Dress up Dog' to add to the existing animal pack and a further two larger screen-prints available online, from today.

If you loved Marrow's giant 'Mr Whippy' Original Atwork, then you'll enjoy her new limited edition, screenprinted version in eye popping pink. Perfectly suited to this summer sun were enjoying.



Or perhaps you fancied following the Yellow Brick Road with this pair...



Why not come visit us this weekend in our new studio above the Electric Elephant Cafe in Kennington to check out these prints and plenty more. All available to buy and take away with you on the day!

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'Leopard' - Our newest Artwork from Delphine Lebourgeois

Delphine Lebourgeois' newest Artwork has arrived at GAS and is currently exclusive to our online customers. 

Entitled 'Leopard', the Artist explores adventure, mystery and the relationship between man and nature. Delphine's bright colour palette of blues, greens and pinks, is both gentle and exotic and with her stylistic attention to detail, the viewer is immediately drawn into the beautiful, narrative scene. Whilst bees pollenate the surrounding flowers, a leopard emerges from the leafage and is touched by a crouching woman.

Delphine Lebourgeois - Leopard crop


Birds and butterflies also appear amongst the flowers and bracken, a bright pink frog perches upon a giant leaf and other inquisitive animals and reptiles can be found within the composition. 

Created using hand drawn elements, combined with digital colouring and layering, the image as an entity is both imaginative and beautiful. Printed as a museum quality giclée print and at an edition of only 50, we think this newest release from Delphine is going to be popular! You can find 'Leopard' by clicking directly here.

Or to view more of Delphine Lebourgeois' Artwork please see the collection of her work with GAS.

Delphine Lebourgeois - Leopard - GAS Gallery

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New Paul Farrell Screenprints!

Were excited to be introducing more wonderful work from Paul Farrell to GAS. All prints are hand pulled and come in limited editions, with a brilliant selection of birds, butterflies and bears.

Paul Farrell - Butterfly

Part of our new selection includes a range of beautiful butterflies from Paul's 'Wing' series, a black-backed gull soaring through the sky and a metallic barn owl, hunting for it's prey. Prints come in a range of sizes from A5 to A3 and are available in bold colours, to suit a variety of interior spaces. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Don't forget, this weekend you can visit us at the annual Open House as part of the Dulwich Festival. We'll be found at The Stables, 41 College Road, London SE21 7BAT from 11am - 6pm. 

To view the program visit here 


Paul Farrell - Black backed gull

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Dulwich Festival

We are taking part in the annual Open House as part of the Dulwich Festival - opening over two weekends in May. Find us at the Stables, 41 College Road, London SE21 7BAT. MAP

Opening hours are May 10/11 and 17/18 - from 11am - 6pm each day.

We will have a beautiful selection of artwork including new prints by Kevin Dutton, Freya Cummings, Anna Marrow, Delphine Lebourgeois, Eliza Southwood, Lisa James and more....

To view the program please click here:

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Brand new Freya Cummings Balloon screenprints

Freya Cummings has gathered quite a following in the past few years with her Hot Air Balloon screenprints and we have just received a new consignment of prints that are now available to buy.

Freya's prints really are a labour of love - with most of her prints containing an average of 10 colours per print, Freya hand prints each colour individually, meaning that the colours are layered up. This is a very time consuming process, but her skill as a screenprinter means that the results of these limited edition prints look effortless. Most of Freya Cummings' screenprints are finished in Silver and Gold leaf, giving them an extra texture and dimension, and they are mostly of editions of under 30.


Due to the hand made nature of Freya's work we have to photograph the prints which is never an exact replication of the work. We are available for viewings if you would like to see the work in person. Contact us to arrange a viewing

We are delighted to also have an exclusive edition printed by Freya entitled 'Prism'.


See all of Freya Cummings' screenprints here

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Discount on Lisa James' prints

Spring has finally arrived and we have a new collection of Lisa James' prints available. Since showing these at the Affordable Art Fair in March we discovered that these lovely Abstract Art Prints were selling in pairs.


Each print is drawn digitally by Lisa, using her years of experience as a Textile Designer to translate her wonderful balance of colour, line and form using Adobe Illustrator. This allows for each print to be increased in size without any loss of quality, so we offer these prints at two different sizes and prices. The prints are high quality, museum quality prints using archival inks. This means that the colours will not fade and are guaranteed to last up to 150 years when framed and stored correctly. Each of the prints in this collection are limited editions of 50.

For a limited period we are offering a discount on Lisa's prints when buying 2 at a time. With the smaller image size of 35 x 45 cm priced at £120 individually, you can now get two for £200. The same for the larger 47 x 76 cm image size priced at £165 are now £300 for 2.

Shop Lisa James' prints here

Bespoke sizes and editions are also available for interiors projects so please do contact us with any enquiries. 

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